A Vision Beyond Sight

Our sole mission is to free and empower all people of color globally to dream, change and win big. BLK STAR UNTD is all about celebrating and creating a vision beyond sight. As a young boy growing up in Accra, Ghana, all I ever dreamt of was the opportunity to share my light with those overseas.

Revolutionary by Fashion! We want to create timeless pieces that illuminate the brilliance and elegance of the African culture in order to reshape the narrative and misconceptions of Africa as a whole.


Join the BLKSTARUNTD movement today and experience the beauty and power of Kente for yourself. Our collection is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, so that we can share this incredible fabric with the world. Whether you're a streetwear aficionado or just love a good cultural fusion, BLKSTARUNTD has something for you. Let's celebrate Kente together and create a more connected and culturally rich world.



Kente is at the heart of our brand. The fabric is a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of West Africa and has been worn for centuries by royalty and other dignitaries during important ceremonies and events. With its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, Kente represents the resilience and strength of the African people and has become an iconic symbol of African fashion and art.

United by our deep and rich roots, we aim to inspire the next generation of African leaders to believe and trust in their dopeness.

 "Own Your Cool" is our mantra and call to embrace your originality and share your light with the world. We believe race must be a multiplier and unifier for human survival; not a subtractor or divider.




Whether you are wearing our Kente jackets, tees, or accessories, you're making a statement about your roots and your identity. You're celebrating the beauty and power of Kente, and showing the world that fashion can be a powerful tool for cultural exchange and celebration.